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DEPRESSION : 30 Ideas to Get Rid of It – Take Charge of Your Brain

Regardless of the kind of depression you have, the pain and rigor  is the same-caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain. Regardless of what you’re depressed about, or even if you don’t know why you’re depressed, there are some simple things you can do to reduce your pain and fear, and get yourself feeling better and back to your right senses.

Simple cognitive behavior techniques and exercises can reduce pain and stimulate more productive reasoning. Low-key physical and mental activity can also speed recovery.

I have listed some ideas to get rid of depression below, from the least relevant to the most relevant ideas. Read All Below ;


30.  Depression is not something that you are, it is something you do and you can learn not to do it. Depression is a terrible and a bad feeling. Feelings are very strong and powerful but they are not intelligent. They can be incorrect or totally wrong. You don’t have to do feelings. You can change the thinking that caused the feelings and then the feelings will change to reflect the new thoughts. On-purpose thought always trumps passive or automatic thought.

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29.  Behavior always trumps feelings. But for a trump to win, you have to play it. No fearful or depressive feeling is powerful enough to prevent you from engaging your body in some kind of mental or physical behavior. You just need to stand up to your fearful feelings and show them ‘who’s boss.’ Behavior is boss.

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• No fearful or depressive feeling can rise up and conquer you. It must frighten you into surrendering. 
• Feelings are just your own neural patterns twanging for attention. 
• Accept fearful feelings; move forward with positive behavior. 
• When you accept fearful feelings, they finish and die. Fear feeds them and keeps them alive
• Feelings cannot be more powerful than you are–behavior rules!

28.  Decide ahead of time to do your exercise anyway, even though you feel like it won’t work. Anticipate the fact that depression always robs you of all hope, including hope that any exercise will work.

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27.  Concentrate on Behavior and Attitude, Not Feelings! Since depression kills motivation, use your ‘neutral thought’ exercise as if it is a motivation pill. Quick! Slip a neutral thought in on your depressive thought.

26.  Immediately After the first task, the second task will become even more obvious. Do what you decide and plan to do, not what you feel like doing. Depression never deprives you of ‘will,’ only motivation. You won’t want to do anything, but you can do it.