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SUMMER SCHOOL TUTOR – 2020. Apply now

SUMMER SCHOOL TUTOR, Continuing Education in Durham The Durham District Council is responsible for adult day programs and continuing education programs. The core business of continuing education is funded by the Ministry of Education, but organizations such as MCTU, IRCC, MCI, and MCSS continue to provide education.

In addition to teaching full-time classes for students 21 and older, Durham Continental Education offers the following services and resources. Adults can read and edit. new; Computer training; Information analysis services; Training loan services for the elderly; International high school; Primary and secondary school summer; Use English as a Second Language (ESL) for Adults; Focus on the future of the Adult Loan Program; Language of New Immigrants to Canada (LINC); Home borrowing farms; College night; North Durham – loan program; Road and credit education program; Preliminary Assessment and Recommendations (PLAR).

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Mission: To support different lives and communities

Vision: Be a leader in a new program to meet the needs of community-based learning.

Job Description of SUMMER SCHOOL TUTOR :

Support students in grades 7-12 online for their summer classes. You will need the help of teachers to support students. This includes collaborating with children or a small number of students on their online education and work experience, answering specific questions, and helping students who may need help. , supervise teachers with students and other activities as directed.

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Great responsibility:

  1. Help students progress in online learning.
  2. Perform other duties of the Director.


A computer capable of video and microphone.


  1. Applicants will be awarded at the same time or to college students and college / college students studying modern law. You might think it’s a career-related topic right now. It is better to do research in English, Mathematics or Science.
  2. Working with students at school is a tool.
  3. Get acquainted with e-learning or timely techniques.
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Please note:

Required speakers, microphone and internet / computer.
The start date is July 8, 2020, but the date announced when hiring employees will be PD in the morning or early July.

You may Apply here
If you are successful, you will need to apply for Legal Insurance / Police Supervision (VSS) within 1 month.
The DDSB is responsible for the property and is involved in the selection of qualified personnel who demonstrate the diversity of our region. We support the applications of candidates who represent diversity.