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Why More Expats Are Relocating for Work in Canada


If you’re an ex-pat searching for a job, Canada is one of the best countries to consider. It boasts a robust economy and a world-class healthcare system.

Canada boasts a laid-back culture, which can be ideal for families and couples. Indeed, many expats have reported that their Canadian family members tend to be much more accepting than their counterparts back home.


Canada offers an ideal workplace for engineers, with plenty of job openings in the field. Its vast landscape and growing need for infrastructure projects in remote northern settlements have created a high demand for engineering professionals.

Engineers are leaders in their fields, using cutting-edge science and technology to solve difficult problems and make a positive difference both locally and globally. Their innovations are revolutionizing industries from clean water initiatives to climate change challenges – just to name a few!

If you wish to work as an engineer in Canada, obtaining your license from the regulatory body that governs your profession can be a lengthy process. Therefore, it’s essential that this part of the immigration process be completed prior to arrival in Canada.

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Business & Finance

Finance is a big deal in Canada and there are plenty of exciting jobs available. If you’re in the business world searching for an exciting new challenge, a career in finance could be just what you need!

Accounting is an excellent place to begin, but you could also consider becoming an investment banker. This role is becoming increasingly sought-after among young professionals.

One of the more exciting jobs in this field is financial analyst, which involves analyzing and giving advice on investment decisions based on budgets or other important criteria. The role also requires working closely with financial institutions and assisting them through complex financial situations.

If you are an ambitious individual with a large wallet, consider becoming a financial analyst at the federal level! This high-paying job offers great salary prospects as well as valuable practical experience in finance.

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Computer & IT

Expats often relocate for job opportunities in Canada’s computer and IT sector. With a shortage of workers in this field, Canada continues to attract those with advanced technological abilities.

Particularly, the advent of digital transformation initiatives has created a need for technology-savvy professionals who can collaborate across various areas of the business. As such, more and more companies are seeking out recent graduates with strong computer science degrees.

If you are thinking of moving to Canada to work as a computer engineer or software developer, it is essential that you improve your English or French language proficiency (depending on which of these languages is most prevalent in your destination province). Furthermore, attending job fairs and information sessions hosted by settlement agencies may be beneficial.

A degree in computer science can open doors to employment across various industries, such as financial services, transportation, manufacturing, health care and education. These positions are especially attractive to those with an aptitude for artificial intelligence, computer programming, market research or systems analysis.

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Healthcare has become a foundational element of global economic success, with nations around the world increasingly dependent on healthcare personnel and systems – Canada included.

If you have a passion for healthcare, you’ll be pleased to know that it is one of the fastest-growing industries in America. This field offers excellent prospects for high salaries and career advancement.

Furthermore, foreign-trained healthcare professionals with work permits in Canada have many job options to choose from. This makes for a smooth transition into the Canadian workforce and guarantees your immigration process runs as smoothly as possible.

Gain more insight into the healthcare sector in various provinces by visiting Canada’s Job Bank website. Simply type in your NOC code and province/territoriality to view job demand across Canada within this sector.