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Where to Find Work in New Zealand

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Looking for a new job? Have a look at these in-demand jobs! Radiologists, Estimators, IT Project Managers, Teaching jobs, and more! Are these the jobs you’re looking for? You can find them online if you know where to look. You can even apply for more than one job at the same time! In addition to high-demand jobs, these positions are often less competitive than others.


In New Zealand, radiologists are in high demand, but how does that work? There are many variables that can influence radiologists’ availability, and one of the most important is training. The RANZCR has a census process to collect data on the number of radiologists currently practicing in New Zealand. The census process includes gathering specific thematic data from members that are relevant to the supply and quality of radiologists in New Zealand.

Currently, the MCNZ has over 3,700 active members, of whom two-thirds are male and one-third is female. The survey also quantified the ratio of physicians to the population. In 2014, this number jumped to 34%. While the national shortage is largely due to an aging population, increasing awareness of health and wellness among New Zealanders, and the prevalence of chronic diseases, the demand for radiologists is on the rise. Teleradiology and off-site reporting also contribute to the demand for radiologists.

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The average gross salary for Estimators in New Zealand is NZD 99,567 per year or about $48.50 per hour. The salary ranges from $69,697 for entry-level Estimators to $118,377 for experienced Estimators. The salary potential for this career is about 11 percent over five years. The average salary for Estimators is based on survey data from employers in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors is a professional membership association for quantity surveyors in New Zealand. They provide networking opportunities, professional development, registration, and education for quantity surveyors. Members of the institute can also participate in an online community known as NZIQS Connect. These professional groups are active in New Zealand and have a wealth of knowledge about the profession. They also provide access to their databases and other valuable resources.

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IT Project Managers

New Zealand is one of the fastest growing countries in the world and the IT sector has shown strong growth in recent years. IT exports are growing by 20 percent each year and computer-system design companies have started more than 3,000 in the last 12 years. The New Zealand Venture Investment Fund has helped small businesses in the country access financing and expand. New Zealand also boasts a thriving international business climate. For more information, check out the IT Project Manager salary survey.

Experienced Project Managers are in demand across many industries. Organizations of all sizes are looking for Project Managers with a proven track record of successfully completing projects and meeting deadlines. Applicants should be able to work within agile frameworks and bridge different stakeholders. It is essential to possess excellent interpersonal skills as well as strong technical capabilities. For a successful application, it is important to have excellent interpersonal and business partnership skills.

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Teaching jobs

If you’re seeking a teaching job in New Zealand, you’ve come to the right place. The nation’s educational system is among the best in the world. Additionally, the country’s diverse population is complemented by its natural beauty and distinct culture. The country’s predominantly European population, as well as the indigenous Maori, welcomes newcomers with open arms. If you’re interested in pursuing a teaching career in New Zealand, consider these points before applying.

One of the best reasons to move to New Zealand is the excellent education system. According to BBC UK Global School Rankings, New Zealand ranks among the top 20 countries for education. Despite this, the shortage of qualified teachers is increasing, and so is the competition for teaching positions. For overseas teachers, it is difficult to secure a teaching job in New Zealand unless their training is listed as a shortage by Immigration New Zealand. The hiring body must also show that they were unable to recruit a suitable New Zealand teacher before hiring the international candidate.


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