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The Top 10 Most In-Demand Engineering Jobs in Canada in 2023



Are you considering engineering as a career path? Canada offers plenty of exciting opportunities. To help you navigate the Canadian job market, we’ve compiled The Top 10 Most In-Demand Engineering Jobs in Canada in 2021.

Civil engineers, who construct infrastructure such as highways, bridges and airports, will likely be in high demand. These professions also provide attractive salaries and growth potentials.

1. Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical engineers are specialists who collaborate with doctors, scientists and other healthcare providers to develop new technologies that enhance patient care.

Biomedical engineers utilize their combined knowledge of biology, chemistry and engineering to design medical devices that save lives. They often create implants, prosthetics and other medical equipment.

2. Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer hardware engineers design and create computer equipment for a range of uses, from military to commercial. Furthermore, they stay abreast of advances in computer technology so as to stay ahead of these emerging trends.

A bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, computer science or information technology is typically the minimum educational requirement for this career. Students enrolled in these programs study topics such as digital circuitry and systems architecture.

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3. Industrial Engineer

Industrial engineers work to enhance processes and boost productivity. Their responsibilities include designing facilities and systems, analyzing production data, and brainstorming ways to make improvements in the workplace.

They are also responsible for researching, testing, and implementing new technologies. Often they must visit factories or distribution centers to gain an understanding of how processes are carried out in this field.

4. Project Engineer

Project engineers often supervise a team, so they must be able to motivate and direct them effectively. Furthermore, they need to communicate clearly and concisely any difficulties that may arise.

They must be able to balance the competing priorities of safety, quality, cost and schedule. Furthermore, they should use their creativity skills in order to find innovative solutions to challenging problems.

5. Geotechnical Engineer

Geotechnical engineers draw upon their in-depth understanding of soil and rock behavior to design foundations, earthworks, and other civil engineering projects.

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Civil engineers frequently collaborate with other engineers to investigate and analyze the subsurface conditions of a site before making construction recommendations. This is an essential aspect of civil engineering.

6. Civil Engineer

Civil engineers create, design, construct and maintain public infrastructure such as airports, bridges, buildings, canals, dams, levees, roads, sewers, subways and water supply systems.

A career in civil engineering offers many rewarding and exciting job duties and responsibilities. Civil engineers may work from office settings, on construction sites or a combination of both.

7. Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers create the electronics that consumers and businesses rely on every day, from computers and robots to radars and navigation systems, wiring in buildings, as well as lighting fixtures.

They use a range of materials and math to design circuits that function correctly, meet safety and energy efficiency regulations, as well as create usage guides to teach consumers how to properly utilize the equipment.

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8. Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers are in high demand across a variety of industries. These specialists create and design equipment such as vehicles, power plants, turbines, and robots.

Mechanical engineer positions offer an exciting and rewarding career option for individuals who enjoy problem-solving and technology. Furthermore, this field is well-paying with an average salary of $95,300 in 2021.

9. Software Engineer

Software engineers are responsible for creating, programming and maintaining computer programs. They collaborate with businesses to design a tailored system that meets their requirements.

Industry and organization specific skillsets are sought, but employers generally value strategic problem-solving, superior analytical abilities, collaboration abilities, adaptability and an eagerness to learn.

10. Electrical/Electronic Engineer

Electrical/Electronic engineers create, test, construct and maintain electrical systems that drive everything from smartphone circuit boards to the world’s largest power plants.

The demand for engineers in this field is expected to grow rapidly. They are needed across various industries, such as health, information technology, manufacturing and mining.