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The Top 10 Best Tourist Spots in Dubai

Dubai is a city and national emirate within the United Arab Emirates formerly known as United Arabian Emirates; it is famous for ultramodern architecture, luxury shopping and a dynamic nightlife scene. Burj el Arab, the world’s tallest and most lavish tower is looming over the skyline. In its shadow sits the glamorous Burj Al Arab hotel. At its base lies Dubai Fountain, with enormous lights and jets choreographed to loud music.

Just offshore is the glamorous Atlantis, home to aquatic-elephant and dolphin parks, just off shore from Dubai. At the foot of Burj al Arab lies the seven-star Burj el Arab Hotel; and to the north is the imposing Burj ul Arab; home to the world’s tallest building, the twenty-six story Burj Al Arab. The Petroglyphs of Dubai can be found in many areas including the desert area where desert-dwelling aborigines dot sand dunes and can detect the footprints of lizards from thousands of years ago. The best tourist spots in Dubai are situated along these coasts as they provide the most interesting sights.

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Along the coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai Creek is home to a large number of world-class Dubai tourist attractions. This natural cove is home to a famous artificial waterfall and natural hot springs that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. Also on this prominent coastal strip are numerous souks and markets that sell everything from carpets to jewelry. The most popular tourist spots in Dubai include the Dubai Museum and the Al Hajar Mountains, which reach out into the desert beyond. Other popular tourist destinations in Dubai include the Dubai Marina, which are home to a world-class mall and hotel; Business Bay, a manmade island complete with an international hotel and hundreds of commercial establishments; Satwa, home to the beautiful White Sand Sea; and the Gold Souk, which feature all types of gold items, from rings to watches.

For those interested in culture and the history of Dubai, then you must visit the Dubai Museum and the Sheikh Zayed mosque. Located on Burj Al Arab’s west coast, the museum is home to a wide range of exhibits on human history, architecture, arts and craft, and literature. The Sheikh Zayed mosque is a must visit place for those interested in UAE traditions. A visit to this mosque and its grounds will take you back in time to an era when this UAE princely state was known as Dubai. The Al Hajar Mountains and the Gold Souk are also must see tourist attractions in Dubai.

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If shopping is your thing, then you must not miss out on any of the tourist spots in Dubai. These include the Dubai Creek, which is the largest manmade body of water in the world, the Al Boom Tourist Village, which is the biggest entertainment complex in UAE, the Dubai Docks, the Dubai Marina, which is the center of shopping in Dubai, and the Dubai Museum and the Madinat Jumeirah, which house the tallest building in Dubai. There are also several amusement parks and tourist attractions in Dubai, including the Burj Al Arab Hotel, the Madinat Jumeirah Hotel, Dubai Sorting Office, Dubai Marina Bay, Dubai Science and Technology Authority (DSA), Dubai Festival City, Arabian Rugs, Dubai Marina, Dubai Palm Jumeirah, and the Dubai Festival. Other attractions in Dubai include the Al Hajar Mountains and the Madinat Jumeirah.

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For those looking for a business, then business opportunities abound in Dubai. Hotels, banks, and other establishments enjoy maximum tourist traffic in Dubai. The Dubai Miracle Garden, located at Burj Al Arab Hotel, is an example of this type of establishment. Other tourist spots in Dubai include the Dubai Docks, the Dubai Creek, the Madinat Jumeirah, and the Al Boom Tourist Village. With so much to do and see, Dubai really makes the top 10 best tourist spots in the world.