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Mail Processor Job Openings in the UK

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As a mail processor, you will be responsible for processing mail. Your duties may include cutting and sorting mail bags, inputting data into an excel system, and checking the contents of the mail. This role requires accuracy and attention to detail. You will also be expected to lift and push up to 250kg, and you will be required to use various forms of identification to check identities.

Qualifications for a mail processor job

A mail processor is an employee of the postal service who sorts mail and prepares it for delivery. This job requires physical strength, good attention to detail, and a thorough knowledge of postal service policies and procedures. Applicants should also be physically fit, as they will have to walk, bend, and pick up large batches of mail. Mail Processors also work closely with other postal workers, such as Mail Clerks, in sorting and preparing mail.

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Mail processors are paid above-average salaries. Many of them receive health insurance and paid vacation leave. Applicants should be interested in working in a fast-paced environment and enjoy occasional interactions with the public. They must have excellent time-keeping skills and basic computer skills. In addition, they should also be well-versed in written English and have a good understanding of health and safety issues.

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Duties and responsibilities of a mail processor

Mail processors sort and distribute mail to households and businesses. They are typically based in district delivery offices, with a route of several hundred addresses. They can also work at larger mail processing centers that deal with both incoming and outgoing mail. They deliver mail on foot, by bicycle, or in a van. They may also collect customer signatures for recorded deliveries, sort mail at post boxes, and handle mislabeled mail.

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Mail sorters perform various clerk tasks, including assessing the legibility of items and placing them on conveyors for culling. They may also operate forklifts and train equipment to transport mail.


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