International Master of Science in Rural Development (IMRD) Scholarships


Students applying for the International Rural Development Sciences (IMRD) degree beginning AY 2020/2021 may apply for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship or VLIR-UOS Scholarship. The University of Ghent also grants top Grants to selected candidates from the country on the OESO-DAC list.

Each year a minimum of 15 outstanding applicants is selected for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship, which includes 3 European students and 12 non-European students. In addition to these 15, the Supervisory Board may decide to delegate additional studies to applicants from specific regions.

The VLIR-UOS scholarship focuses on a developing and transitional region, rewarding readers from eligible countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America to attend IMRD taught in English at a Flemish university or university.

Top IMRD applicants have been nominated for top Ghent Universities Grants.

Military Institutions:

University of Ghent, Belgium
Slovak University of Agriculture, Slovakia
University of Cordoba, Spain
University of Pisa, Italy
Pilot of Agrocampus, France
Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany

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Subject field (s):

Master of Rural Development Sciences (IMRD)

Scholarship Number:

Erasmus Mundus: 15
VLIR-UOS: Not specified

Target group:

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship: Applicants from Program and Partner States
VLIR-UOS Scholarship: Applicants from developing and transitional countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America.
Ghent University Scholarship: Applicants from developing countries.

Scholarship value / inclusions:

• Erasmus Mundus: Scholarships include: contribution to student participation costs (including tuition fees, library and laboratory costs, full insurance coverage and any other costs related to student participation by the teacher); contribution to student travel expenses and packaging; and monthly subsistence allowance for the duration of the study program. Scholarship benefits vary between Programs and Partner States.

• VLIR-UOS: It’s a full scholarship, it costs tuition fees, travel expenses and a monthly allowance of € 1150.


• Top Grants University of Ghent: This is not a full scholarship. Tuition fees are waved partly, with students receiving a monthly allowance totaling € 654.


• Erasmus Mundus: Eligible applicants for fellow Country scholars are students who are not citizens of the EU, Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein, Turkey or the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). In addition, they cannot be residents of these countries or have not performed their main activities (education, training or work) for more than 12 months over the last 5 years in any of these countries.

Eligible applicants for the State Program scholarship are all other students who do not meet the criteria for the State Partner sponsorship (this includes all citizens of the European Community, Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein, Turkey and FYROM, as well as, individuals who have used more than A total of 12 months in the EU over the last 5 years.

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• VLIR-UOS: Eligible applicants are students who are citizens and residents in one of the 31 eligible countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America (see the official list of countries).

• Top Ghent University Grants: Top IMRD applicants who are citizens of the country and resident in countries listed on the OESO-DAC.

Application instructions:

The application is currently closed.

Scholarship applicants must fulfill an IMRD online application by 28 February 2020 and submit supporting documents before March 1, 2020. They need to indicate that they wish to apply for scholarships during online applications for the IMRD course.

It is important to visit the official website (link found below) for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.

Follow this link below to apply;

Official Scholarship Website:

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