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How to Apply for Canadian Immigration Process From Asia

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Many Asians are settling in Canada as permanent residents, mostly due to the government’s emphasis on language and education, as well as skills and language abilities. The government also favors family-sponsored migration, which means that independent applicants should have a job or an offer of work before applying. Most migrants settle in the country’s largest cities. Read on to discover the best ways to apply for Canadian immigration from Asia.

Express Entry

If you’re thinking about moving to Canada but haven’t yet applied for immigration, you’ve come to the right place. There are two main pathways to permanent residence for individuals seeking to immigrate to Canada. The temporary resident to the permanent resident pathway is available to certain foreigners who are working in Canada for a limited time. Eligible Hong Kong residents are also eligible to apply. The other pathway is called Express Entry, which provides for faster settlement for skilled workers.

The main reason why so many Asians immigrate to Canada is because of its emphasis on education, language skills, and skills. Many immigrants come to Canada as independent individuals, or as family members. The Canadian government also emphasizes independent applicants with sufficient skill and language capabilities. Regardless of the immigration status, most migrants settle in one of the three largest Canadian cities. If you’re wondering how to apply for immigration from Asia, you’ll want to make sure to follow these steps carefully.

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Common streams

There are four main categories for new immigrants to Canada. In 2005, 58 percent of new residents were admitted to the country under the economic stream, while 27 percent were admitted through family sponsorship. The remaining 14 percent came through humanitarian channels. These categories are outlined below. Each category has its own requirements, but most applicants will fall into one of these. Below, we discuss each of the four categories and explain which one they qualify for.


There are several different types of applications for Canadian immigration from Asia. The Express Entry process is the fastest way to achieve permanent residency, but is only open to highly skilled individuals. Applicants are scored according to their education, skills, and experience. In general, people who fall into the skilled trades category are more likely to be selected under the Express Entry program than candidates who are not. Also, the express entry process requires applicants to meet certain language requirements and language proficiency.

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Job offer

If you are looking for an immigrant visa in Canada, you may be wondering “how to apply for Canada immigration from Asia?” The government of Canada has made a huge effort to attract Asian immigrants. This is due to the government’s emphasis on education, language skills, and skills for independent applicants. Sponsorship of dependent family members is also an important factor. In addition, the vast majority of newcomers to Canada come from Asia.

To apply for Canadian immigration, Filipinos must first apply for transitory residency, or “T+2” status, in the country. If you have relatives in Canada, you can apply for a Family Class Sponsorship migration program. You must be 18 years old or in a custom-based relationship with one. The Immigration Program will send you an invitation to apply for citizenship. You must also submit a job offer.

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Asylum claim

If you’re a Filipino or from an Asian country, you may wonder how to apply for Canada Immigration. The process for applying for permanent residence in Canada involves first completing a transitory residence application. Alternatively, if you have family in Canada, you can apply for a Family Class Sponsorship migration. Typically, this requires that you are at least 18 years old or in a custom-based relationship with a family member in Canada.

While the majority of immigrants to Canada are European, Asian migrants still make up a significant portion of the population. By 2036, the number of immigrants born in Asia will be between 55.7% and 57.9% of the total. Recent immigrants have also added to Canada’s ethnocultural diversity, with China being the largest source country at 14.3% of total immigrant numbers. As of 2016, four out of five immigrants in Canada reported their ethnicity as Asian. The other three most common origins were European, African, and American.


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