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Grounds Maintenance Worker Job Openings in the USA

A Grounds maintenance worker is responsible for maintaining the landscape of a business or property. They mow grass, edge lawns, trim trees, and weed landscape beds. The work environment is usually noisy and often involves exposure to a variety of physical hazards. These hazards can include exposure to electrical currents, vibration, and moving machinery. Additionally, groundskeepers may have to work at heights, which can cause injury.

Grounds maintenance workers mow grass

Ground maintenance workers create and maintain outdoor spaces for public and private properties. Their duties typically include mowing, trimming, fertilizing, and weeding. They also work to maintain and install lighting. Most grounds maintenance workers are employed by residential homes, businesses, apartment buildings, and shopping centers.

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They edge lawns

Employment of Grounds maintenance workers is projected to increase by 9 percent from 2018 to 2028. While employment growth will vary depending on specialization, the largest percentage of job openings will be for groundskeeping and landscaping workers. With the growing number of outdoor living spaces and aging homeowners, there will be increased demand for these services.

They trim trees

The demand for grounds maintenance workers will grow in the coming years as communities invest in creating more green spaces in urban areas. Grounds maintenance workers use various equipment to weed, prune, and trim trees. Some may also use chainsaws, chippers, and stump grinders. These workers often operate equipment on a truck-mounted lift.

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They rake leaves

Grounds maintenance workers perform tasks related to landscape and garden maintenance. Some of their tasks include mowing, trimming, and watering, weeding, and preventing and removing snow and ice. Some also operate power tools and trenching devices.

They weed athletic fields

Grounds maintenance workers oversee the maintenance of athletic fields and landscapes. They use heavy equipment, maintain proper irrigation systems, and maintain compliance with health and safety standards. Their duties may also include coordinating with coaches, exercise science instructors, and other maintenance workers to prepare facilities for special events. They may also be required to perform minor repairs and maintenance tasks and maintain simple records. Aside from weeding athletic fields and landscapes, groundskeepers also operate a variety of machines. They must be able to use the equipment safely and properly store materials and supplies.

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