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Curators Needed in Canada – Curator Needed at ArtsLink NB

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ArtsLink NB is looking for curators with a wide range of abilities. On-call laundry attendants must be available to wash filthy clothing, and other objects gathered on the ground. However, I will include a link to other curator jobs in Canada in this post. Watch out!

About ArtsLink NB

ArtsLink NB is a member-based arts service organization that a group of people created in 2009 to promote the importance of the arts in New Brunswick by connecting and unifying artists and arts organizations.

They represent artists from all across New Brunswick who work in a variety of mediums. However, ArtsLink NB integrates the arts and cultural industry in New Brunswick and promotes the sector’s contributions to a vibrant and thriving province.

Job Description

#in Curator Jobs in Canada

Curators are in charge of a museum or art gallery’s collection of exhibits. They must amass collections, which are frequently in specialized fields. Further, through exhibitions, publications, events, and audio-visual presentations, curators create new ways to understand items, archives, and artworks.

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Job Requirement

#in Curator Jobs in Canada

  • Firstly, record and catalog artwork and things in collections to keep track of them.
  • Identification and authentication of research objects.
  • Also, create, plan, and execute a variety of exhibitions.
  • Make proposals for acquisition and display.
  • Then, plan the presentation and installation of artwork and objects.
  • Lastly, create labels and interpretive materials for artwork.


#in Curator Jobs in Canada

Candidates that possess the following talents, in addition to schooling and other requirements, may be able to perform better in the job:

  • Firstly, management abilities are required because the position entails overseeing and managing a museum’s collection.
  • Secondly, a curator must be able to select the highest quality paintings and other items for display in a museum or gallery.
  • Thirdly, organizing art exhibitions in galleries or public locations requires expertise in this field.
  • Furthermore, a curator’s job is to create written content to accompany artwork and other items.
  • Lastly, you will be researching artists and gathering information about various works of art as part of your employment.
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#in Curator Jobs in Canada

A curator earns about $2,834 per month. Curators working in museums, historical sites, and other similar institutions get lower-end average wages. In contrast, those working in a federally recognized institution, such as the National Gallery, earn higher-end yearly median salaries.


#in Curator Jobs in Canada

Art curators must have specific expertise and understanding of art and the art profession, which they can gain through undergraduate and post-graduate education.

Education: Smaller galleries may require a bachelor’s degree in art or art history, although most curator positions require a master’s degree in art history or museology. However, larger organizations usually need a master’s or PhD in art or art history. Art history coursework should cover a wide range of periods and types of art and architecture.

Experience: Curators typically have at least three to four years of experience working in a museum or gallery setting. However, it could be a curator’s assistant, a museum technician, or something similar.

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Work Environment

#in Curator Jobs in Canada

The curator may spend time on the floor chatting to visitors, depending on the size of the organization. If they’re working on restoration, they may have to lift hefty art artifacts and climb ladders or scaffolding.


#in Curator Jobs in Canada

The majority of curators work full-time during regular business hours. Curators at large organizations may be required to travel extensively to conduct research and evaluate potential collection expansions.


To apply for this employment with Artslinknb, you’ll need all of these abilities. I do, however, urge you to submit your application as soon as feasible. Finally, knowing that no one would ask you for money or a reward in exchange for the job would be ideal. All you have to do is have the ability and put it to use.
Best wishes!

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