11 Reasons why some women don’t find interest in men and how to solve the problem

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In spite of the fact that a woman may find that it is generally simple for her to draw in a man, what she may likewise discover is that she can’t discover a man who really needs a relationship. This may imply that she has been with various men who were emotionally inaccessible.

All things considered, this doesn’t imply that she could understand this when she initially met every one of these men. Hence, each time she met one of these men, she may have trusted that her fortunes was going to change.


She would have encountered certain emotions and contemplations toward the start and, after a specific measure of time passed, her inward world would have changed. It might have been as if she was flying at one point and at another; her wings had been taken away.

In the event that she ended up tumbling down emotionally, it may then have affected each other part of her life. She may have substituted between feeling irate at the person she was with and feeling furious at herself.

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